Sci-Fried on Tour!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

March 30, 2016



Just a reminder that the 2 shows listed to the left from ReverbNation are NOT showing the proper venue.  Both April shows are at the Backbooth in downtown Orlando.

Check the Tour Page for more shows!

Added the Ancient City Con show!

Sci-Fried would like to welcome Sunni Simmons back to the band!  Sunni will be taking over the bass and Dobbs will be rocking the 6-string again.  We're working on NEW music right now!  No release date is set for our 6th Studio album, but we will be releasing singles from the upcoming album real soon.  We have some special collaborations in store for you on this album so stay tuned!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

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