Sci-Fried on Tour!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

May 6,  2015



Red Alert!  New surprise release!

Sci-Fried has a special surprise release for you!  Sci-Fried 8-Bit Instrumentals!  This is a collection of the 14 MIDI tracks we used for Chosen One: The Game.  They are all instrumental versions of various songs from Future Tense and Geeks Unite.  Jim Frederick did a great job converting and recording these MIDI tracks.   We're going the classic path and just calling it 8-Bit Instrumentals.  So feel free to use these in whatever fashion you like!  Yes consider this open source if you like to use it in any projects or remixes.  This is a FREE release that for now will ONLY be on our BandCamp page.  So click on the album cover to download it now!

What?!?! You have not tried Chosen One: The Game?  Well click the graphic and check out the download page. 

A big thanks to everyone in Seattle!  Sci-Fried had a great time and we hope to see you all again!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

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