Sci-Fried on Tour!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

July 30,  2015



Be sure to check us out on the road if you are in New Orleans, Austin or Phoenix.  Keep up with our trip via our social media accounts!  Pictures on twitter and facebook and we'll be doing vines and periscoping for the first time on our trip! See you on the road!

Sci-Fried is getting ready to hit the road for a short summer tour!  We'll be heading to Las Vegas for Creation's Official Star Trek Convention.  We'll be performing all 4 days of the convention as the main stage house band.  Then join us Saturday night at the desert party for a 1 hour show.  More info on the Vegas Convention and guest list here ->

On the way we'll be playing in New Orleans on July 31st with  The Consortium of Genius and The Tomb of Nick Cage hosted by the Crew of Chewbacchus.  More info here ->  Then we're off to Austin TX for a show at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy Aug 1st.  More info here ->  Next stop will be the Rogue Bar in Phoenix AZ on Aug 2nd with Dinosaur Love, The Slow Poisoner and Manual Sex Drive.  More info here -> We hope you can join us somewhere on this tour and we'll be in Vegas to end the tour at the largest Star Trek Convention in the world!  See you on the road! 

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

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