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    Ramming Speed (2009) (Sci-Fried's All Parody Album)

      01. It Began Out There - Main Intro View Lyrics  10. TNG 2.0
    View Lyrics  02. Too Many Zombies View Lyrics  11. Die Feddie
    View Lyrics  03. Stargate Zone View Lyrics  12. My Name Is Spock 2.0
    View Lyrics  04. For Whom Babylon Tolls View Lyrics  13. A Long Time Ago - Star Wars Section Intro
    View Lyrics  05. PX-75309 2.0 View Lyrics  14. Join The Empire
    View Lyrics  06. Our New Home View Lyrics  15. Tatooine
    View Lyrics  07. Boldly Going - Star Trek Section Intro   View Lyrics  16. Fight Together 2.0
    View Lyrics  08. Trippin' Through The Wormhole View Lyrics  17. Land Speeder 2.0
    View Lyrics  09. Gone Away View Lyrics  18. Star Wars Idiot
    View Lyrics  19. Your Brain - Outro
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    Geeks Unite (2009)

    View Lyrics  01. Welcome To The Geek Age (Intro)   View Lyrics  08. Don Of The Con (Skit)
    View Lyrics  02. Geeks Unite View Lyrics  09. Level Up!
    View Lyrics  03. A Hero View Lyrics  10. Galactica Fights Alone
    View Lyrics  04. Don't Phase Me Bro View Lyrics  11. Ninja Drinking Song
    View Lyrics  05. Rebel Cry View Lyrics  12. Pirate Life
    View Lyrics  06. 45047.2 View Lyrics  13. Saturday Night on Syfy
    View Lyrics  07. Sci-Fried View Lyrics  14. Warping Into The Sun
    View Lyrics  15. Space and Time
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    Future Tense (2011)

    View Lyrics  01. Future Tense (Intro) View Lyrics  10. The Away-Team
    View Lyrics  02. Geek Rock View Lyrics  11. A Silly Song
    View Lyrics  03. LV-426 View Lyrics  12. Fifty-One
    View Lyrics  04. Chosen One View Lyrics  13. Serenity Lost
    View Lyrics  05. Foiled Again Feat. 'Marc with a C' View Lyrics  14. Vampires Suck
    View Lyrics  06. We're Ready To Believe You View Lyrics  15. So Far From Home
    View Lyrics  07. Tech Support View Lyrics  16. Evil Dead Guy
    View Lyrics  08. Embrace The Dark Side View Lyrics  17. Invasion
    View Lyrics  09. Looking Back At Today  
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    Co-Op Mode (2012)

    View Lyrics 01. Co-Op Mode Sci-Fried and The Bossfights
    View Lyrics 02. Hardcore Casual Gamer Sci-Fried and MC Lars
    View Lyrics 03. Never Fall Sci-Fried and Kirby Krackle
    View Lyrics 04. Cannibal  Sci-Fried and Marc With A C
    View Lyrics 05. New Challenger Sci-Fried and Inverse Phase, MadHatter & King Pheenix
    View Lyrics 06. Get Me Outta Retail Sci-Fried and Insane Ian
    View Lyrics 07. To The Top Sci-Fried and Shinobi MC and HD Ninja
    View Lyrics 08. Software Pirate Sci-Fried and Captain Dan and The Scurvy Crew 
    View Lyrics 09. A Good Day To Die Sci-Fried and Warp 11 
    View Lyrics 10. Wanna Be Your Jedi Sci-Fried and Mikey Mason 
    View Lyrics 11. Geeks Rule The World Sci-Fried and Emergency Pizza Party & Rappy McRapperson 
    View Lyrics 12. Evil Lounge Guy Sci-Fried Bonus Track


    Season V (2014)

    View Lyrics 01. Season V View Lyrics 08. The Empire Kicks Back
    View Lyrics 02. If I Only Had A Horse View Lyrics 09. Blue Sun Morning
    View Lyrics 03. Man In A Can View Lyrics 10. Arrow
    View Lyrics 04. Left Behind View Lyrics 11. Hulk Smash
    View Lyrics 05. Undead Apocalypse View Lyrics 12. Self Aware
    View Lyrics 06. Suit Up View Lyrics 13. Origins
    View Lyrics 07. Superhuman View Lyrics 14. Godzilla (Cover)

  • Free Music!

    Here are some songs we wanted to share for FREE.

    To download, right-click on the song title or picture.

    View Lyrics  
    "Soul Geek" "Soul Geek"   This is a parody of "Soul Man" by Sam and Dave. This version is more like the Blues Brothers version. We did this parody for our friends over at

    View Lyrics  
    "Dr. Jones" "Dr Jones"   This is a parody of "Calling Dr. Love" by KISS. Its all about our favorite adventurer Indiana Jones. Heard on the Indycast!

    View Lyrics  
    "Da Falcon" "Da Falcon" with guest singer David C. Edwards.  Inspired by "My Hooptie" by Sir Mix-Alot. It is quite different from the original. It brings the funk, Star Wars style! Heard on the Force Cast Galaxy of Music!

    View Lyrics  
    "House of the
    Rising Cylon"
    "House of the Rising Cylon"   This is a parody of "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. We did this song for our friend Summer over at Slice of Sci-Fi Radio Show.

    View Lyrics "Star Wars Christmas"
    "Star Wars Christmas 'feat. Marc with a C' "   Sci-Fried brings you an original Christmas song for FREE!  Download the .mp3 and share it with your friends! 
    Check out the video section to view the epic music video for Sci-Fried's
    Star Wars Christmas!
    Check out the photo gallery for all the behind the scenes pictures of the making of Star Wars Christmas the Music Video!
    Click to download the Star Wars Christmas Cover poster
    Visit Marc with a C's website at
    View Lyrics "Eternian Genius"
     "Eternian Genius"   A Parody of Bad Religion's "American Jesus".  This is the tale of Skeletor!  He-Man always gets the praise, but in this case Skeletor gets it!  You'll find yourself chanting for Skeletor at the end of the song! Enjoy!
      "Slime Creatures From Outer Space"
    "Slime Creatures From Outer Space"    This is our cover of Weird Al's awesome original song! We did not get it on the Weird Al' Tribute album from 2011 so we decided to give it to you for FREE.   Enjoy!

      "Serenity Lost" - Triforce Mike Tribute Edition 2012"

    "Serenity Lost"   This is a full band arrangement of Serenity Lost with some alternate lyrics with this edition in memory of Orlando's Triforce Mike and all our lost friends.

    View Lyrics "Zombie Prison Blues"  
    A parody of Johnny Cash's Fulsom Prison Blues. Based on The Walking Dead Season 3! (2013)

    "Zombie Prison Blues"   This is a parody of Johnny Cash's Fulsom Prison Blues.  Based on The Walking Dead Season 3!  We also did a music video for this song!  Check the Videos section.

    "8-Bit Instrumentals" (Full FREE Album)
    BandCamp Exclusive!
    Click on the album cover to download now!

    "8-Bit Instrumentals" (Released May 6, 2015)

    This is the 14 song soundtrack we used for Chosen One: The Game.  Most of the tracks are from Future Tense, but there are 2 from Geeks Unite as well.  These were done by Jim Frederick as MIDI and until now used exclusively in Chosen One: The Game.  For now they will also be exclusive to our BandCamp page. Click HERE to download, there is no charge unless you want to.   Here is the track listing.

    01 - A Silly Song (8Bit Instrumental)
    02 - Chosen One (8Bit Instrumental)
    03 - Evil Dead Guy (8Bit Instrumental)
    04 - Fifty-One (8Bit Instrumental)
    05 - Future Tense (8Bit Instrumental)
    06 - Geek Rock (8Bit Instrumental)
    07 - Geeks Unite (8Bit Instrumental)
    08 - Invasion (8Bit Instrumental)
    09 - Level UP! (8Bit Instrumental)
    10 - Looking Back At Today (8Bit Instrumental)
    11 - LV-426 (8Bit Instrumental)
    12 - Tech Support (8Bit Instrumental)
    13 - The Away-Team (8Bit Instrumental)
    14 - Vampires Suck (8Bit Instrumental)