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  • October 1, 2014


Season 5 is out NOW! Click HERE to order from our website for a physical copy.  Season V is also LIVE on our BandCamp and CDBaby page and coming soon on iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets. 


  • July 15, 2014


Season 5 will release on August 15, 2014! Pre-Order NOW!

We'll have copies of Season V for sale at Orlando Nerd Fest (August 7-11) at our table.
We will have the digital album up on Bandcamp on August 15, 2014 for purchase.
Season 5 will also be available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby and other on-line stores.
To purchase the physical CD and special
Season V packages check out our Store.

Season V lyrics and track listing up in the music section!  Check out Season V track list!



  • June 3, 2014

Sci-Fried will release Season V on August 15, 2014!
 We'll have copies of Season V  for sale at Orlando Nerd Fest (August 7-11) at our table.
We will have the digital album up on Bandcamp on August 15, 2014 for purchase.
Season V  will also be available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby and other on-line stores.
To purchase the physical CD and signed CDsheck out our Store.


  • March 25, 2014

Sci-Fried will be playing in Orlando on Saturday April 5th at the Security B-Sides Conference After Party at 8pm.  For more info check their website.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the FREE Megacon Attendees Party!  We had a great time and lots of great music!  Hope to see you again at Megacon in 2015!


  • March 10, 2014

Sci-Fried releases its latest music video today! Embrace the Darkside, the Music Video, is another in our animated series of music videos from  We take you on a trip with Sci-Fried as we entise you to Embrace the Darkside!


  • January 26, 2014


Sci-Fried is happy to announce that we will be working with the Orlando Nerd Fest.  The goal of Orlando Nerd Fest is to bring together all genres of Nerd Music and have a great weekend of Nerd Music. A FREE party Thursday, Full programming Friday - Sunday and on Monday A Comic Shop will be hosting the Day After Show at the Geek Easy!  Check for all the latest announcements.


  • January 8, 2014


Happy 2014 Everyone!  This is going to be a big year for Sci-Fried!  We have a new album coming out late summer 2014 titled "Season 5" We also have new music videos coming out in 2014.  Look for our second animated music video from our album Future Tense in Feburary.  This time we take a trip down the darkside of the force with "Embrace The Darkside".  We're also going to release a single from the upcoming Season 5 album sometime in February.  

Here is the album cover art for Sci-Fried Season V. Coming Summer 2014

. Sci-Fried - Season 5 Cover


  • December 16, 2013



  • December 3, 2013

Sci-Fried is a Geek Rock band from Orlando Florida. Find out all about us here on our web site.  We have over 15 music videos to watch and 4 studio albums.  Listen to ALL our music on our BandCamp Page.  Check out the Sci-Fried Store for all physical CDs, T-Shirts Hats and More!

Fixed some links in the FREE Music section.

Right now Sci-Fried is working on songs for our 5th studio album titled "Season 5"  Look for the first single from Season 5 in January.

Sci-Fried releases it's first ever DVD!  All of our Current Music Videos to Date!  Over 11 videos!!!  The Sci-Fried Music Video Collective DVD Vol. 1 Also has 3 bonus videos, and a 30 minute picture slide show!  Get your copy now! Only $10!

Sci-Fried Music Video DVD

Did you know Sci-Fried has a FREE App for mobile devices? Search for "Sci-Fried" in your devices App store and download it for FREE!  Get show updates, play songs and videos, check out new pictures and even send you own pictures! Go get it now!

Check out the best in Nerd Music streaming 24/7 at Nerdy.FM  The largest library of Nerd Music on the planet! 



  • November 26, 2013

    Right now Sci-Fried is working on songs for our 5th studio album titled "Season V".  Look for the first single from Season 5 in January.


    October 31, 2013

    Sci-Fried had a great time at Nerdapalooza 2013!  It was real sad to hear they will not be doing another one due to finincal reasons.  Thanks to all the great people that did Nerdapalooza for the past several years.  This festival was the spark for Co-Op Mode, so a big Thank You from your friends at Sci-Fried.

    Sci-Fried has lots of things in the works!  We have a new animated Music Video coming soon!  We are also hard at work on our 5th studio album titled - Season 5!  We will also be booking shows for 2014 over the next few months so stay tuned. If you want Sci-Fried at your event send us an email to

    We are also going to get our newsletter going again, so we can keep you up to date on all things Sci-Fried and Nerdy.FM related.

    Just updated our Press Kit, check the band page!





    Sci-Fried releases it's first ever DVD!  All of our Current Music Videos to Date!  Over 11 videos!!!  The Sci-Fried Music Video Collective DVD Vol. 1 Also has 3 bonus videos, and a 30 minute picture slide show!  Get your copy now! Only $10!


    Did you know Sci-Fried has a FREE App for mobile devices? Search for "Sci-Fried" in your devices App store and download it for FREE!  Get show updates, play songs and videos, check out new pictures and even send you own pictures! Go get it now!

    Don't forget to check out our last 2 music videos!





    Check out the best in Nerd Music streaming 24/7 at Nerdy.FM  The largest library of Nerd Music on the planet! 







    October 2, 2013

    Just announced! Sci-Fried will be playing at Nerdapalooza 2013 in Orlando Fl! Get Tix NOW!


    Sci-Fried releases it's first ever DVD!  All of our Current Music Videos to Date!  Over 11 videos!!!  The Sci-Fried Music Video Collective DVD Vol. 1 Also has 3 bonus videos, and a 30 minute picture slide show!  Get your copy now! Only $10!






     Sci-Fried brings you their first full cover song!  Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla"   We added a special Sci-Fried twist to it.  For now it's streaming exclusively on SoundCloud and Nerdy.FM

    Did you know Sci-Fried has a FREE App for mobile devices? Search for "Sci-Fried" in your devices App store and download it for FREE!  Get show updates, play songs and videos, check out new pictures and even send you own pictures! Go get it now!



    August 2, 2013

    Added links to join our mailing list!  Join now and stay updated on all the latest Sci-Fried news!


    August 1, 2013

    It's Here!  Sci-Fried's newest Music Video!         The-Away-Team!  Our first Stop Motion Music Video drops you in the Star Trek Universe.  Enjoy and share with all your friends!




    Added Sci-Fried Hats to the Store! Supplies limited so get them while we still have all 4 colors.     Black, Red, Purple or Blue.

    Check out the NEW items in the Sci-Fried Store!  T-Shirts, Laynards and Bracelets!


    July 29, 2013

    Added the Sci-Fried Hats to the Official Sci-Fried Store.  Black, Blue, Red and Purple to choose from.

    Don't forget we have a new music video coming out Thursday August 1st 2013.  The Away-Team gets a Stop Motion aka Robot Chicken style music video.  Will be entered in the Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas Music Video Contest.


    July 24, 2013

    Looking for a new book to read?  Why not check out Alan?   What is Alan you ask?

    "Alan is a novel based off of how I would see the first artificial intelligence being created - not in a lab but in a garage." - John Hex Carter, Author

    The book follows Garth Hendricksen, a programmer, as he helps his program, which he names Alan, develop from a simplistic text-based prompt to a fully integrated robot. The story itself will explore what makes us who we are, artificial intelligence, and a trip through how pop culture looks at AI and robots.

    John Hex Carter is an unrepentant nerd based out of Orlando, Florida. As well as being a writer, artist, developer, and designer, Hex is probably best known for being the founder and Executive Director of Nerdapalooza. He is also a co-founder and Music Director for the Nerdy Show podcast network and Nerdy.FM Mgmt. He is also a professional web developer with an emphasis in Ruby on Rails.

    Alan is Hex's first book. - Check out to learn more and order your copy.


    July 2, 2013

     Sci-Fried has begun writing songs for our 5th album!  Look for it's release in 2014!  In the mean time Sci-Fried will have singles coming out as we'll as new music videos!  We'll also play a LIVE show that will be broadcast on-line only from the Sci-Fried Studio sometime this fall.  We are going to play Future Tense from start to finish LIVE on-line from Sci-Fried studio!  We also have some more club/convention LIVE shows to announce soon too.  So Sci-Fried is keeping busy doing what we love...Making Geek Rock Music for all to Enjoy.  Please take a second to check out our store and see the freshly added T-Shirts to the mix!  Support the music you love.   

    Sci-Fried has another Music Video coming out August 1st 2013!  The Away-Team gets a stop motion music video.  Our nod to the fine folks at Robot Chicken!  They make us all wanna play with our toys on camera. We'll post the Behind the Scenes photo gallery of The Away-Team Music Video shoot a week or so before we release the music video. 

    *Added the Lyrics for Co-Op Mode in the Music Section. 

    *Check out the NEW items in the Sci-Fried Store!  T-Shirts, Laynards, Posters and Bracelets!

    *Closed the Reverb Nation Store.  All Sci-Fried CDs and Merchandise can be found here on our website.  Digital downloads from iTunes, CD Baby and BandCamp are still available. 


    April 18, 2013

    * Made some updates to the Video/Games Page. Nerd Rage: The Game, Now has an instruction and download page. 


    Check out the best in Nerd Music streaming 24/7 at Nerdy.FM  The largest library of Nerd Music on the planet! 



    * Check out the Photo Gallery to see Pictures of the Sci-Fried Studio.  From start to finish! 



    March 23, 2013


    Zombie Prison Blues is a punk parody of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.  This song is all about our favorite TV Show The Walking Dead!  Set in the Season 3 Prison this song will take you there!  Check out this music video we did and be sure to use Twitter and spread it around to The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead fan sites. 

    For now you can hear Zombie Prison Blues exclusively on www.Nerdy.FM  

    March 3, 2013

    Sci-Fried has a new song parody and video coming next weekend!  A high energy version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. Listen to it EXCLUSIVELY on www.Nerdy.FM

    You like Nerdy Music?  We'll Nerdy.FM has you covered!  The largest collection of Nerd Music on the planet!  Look for exclusive songs and live replays and more!  Nerdy.FM is newly launched and we need your help to spread the word of good Nerd themed music.  Presented by our friends at Nerdy Show, Nerdy.FM is the home for all things Nerd Music.  So go on over, it's streaming 24/7!  Explicit content may run from 8pm to 8am EST. 







    Music Video of the Month

    Chosen One The Music VideoChosen One Music Video

    Every month Sci-Fried will spotlight one of our Music Videos here on the front page.  We'll also share it all month on Twitter and FaceBook.


    Don't forget to check out our newest album Co-Op Mode.  With collaborations by Warp 11, MC Lars, Kirby Krackle and more!  Listen to the entire album on our BandCamp page. 

    Updated the Sci-Fried Electronic Press Kit for 2013.

    Check out the Photo Gallery to see Pictures of the Sci-Fried Studio.  From start to finish!

    Sci-Fried will be streaming LIVE video and audio from the new Sci-Fried Studio.  Look for exclusive in studio concerts to be broadcast LIVE as we play!  Maybe pop in on a Sci-Fried practice or recording session.   All LIVE streaming from the Sci-Fried Studio will be blasted on Twitter and Facebook 2 to 3 weeks before the broadcast.  So be sure to follow us on Social Media to be alerted to our upcoming FIRST LIVE BROADCAST from Sci-Fried Studio!

    Updated the Sci-Fried Electronic Press Kit for 2013.


    February 1, 2013

    Sci-Fried Studio up and running!  Check out the Photo Gallery for a look at the evolution of the studio. 


    January 1, 2013

    Welcome to The New Year!   Sci-Fried is still hard at work finishing off the Sci-Fried Studio.  We should be up and running soon.


     December 1, 2012


    Sci-Fried Christmas Don't Forget to watch our awesome music video for Star Wars Christmas! Staring Sci-Fried and Marc With a C!  Share it with all your Facebook and Twitter friends.

    We're raising the walls on the new Sci-Fried studio! We should be up and running late January 2013. Look for us to stream LIVE shows and more from our new Command Center!  We'll be taking some down time from live shows until January while we get the building finished. 

    In the mean time check out Sci-Frieds large audio and video library for all your Sci-Fried fixes. 

    Co-Op Mode is LIVE and ready for purchase on our BandCamp store and iTunes!  Check the Sci-Fried store for your physical copy of Co-Op Mode! You can also stream the entire album on BandCamp.

    Check the News Page for ALL the release info for our new Album Co-Op Mode!  Track list and release info are there.  Too much for this news flash area.



    August 13, 2012

    Sci-Fried will be playing at The Hard Rock Live in Orlando on August 25th for a Star Wars Celebration VI after party!  Join Sci-Fried, The Deepest Red, 7 Years Past and Star Wars Actor Bonnie Piesse performing! It's sure to be a great show.  Tickets are FREE if you get them from any of the  bands. 

    Sci-Fried will give out tickets at The party Thursday night. Also check at their table in the dealers room for free tickets.  Check for tickets at the 501st booth and The Force Cast table as well.  


    CO-OP Mode Release Information 


    Download all the cool "Song Cartridges" for Co-Op Mode CLICK HERE - > Co-Op Mode Album/Single Covers FREE DOWNLOAD


    Sci-Fried's next all original album will be titled Co-Op Mode.  Featuring  Sci-Fried with other artists in the Geek Rock and Nerdcore music scene.  We have: The Bossfights, Marc With a C, Kirby Krackle, Insane Ian, Maddhatter, King Pheenix, Warp 11, MC Lars, Mikey Mason, Captain Dan, Emergency Pizza Party, Rappy McRapperson, Shinobi MC, HD Ninja and Inverse Phase.  This album will also include one bonus track from just Sci-Fried. A Richard Cheese style version of Evil Dead Guy from our 2011 album Future Tense.  The track will be called Evil Lounge Guy.  Scheduled now for 12 tracks this is sure to be a great album for the Geek Music fans.

    Here is the track list for Co-Op Mode.

    1 - Co-Op Mode - Sci-Fried and The Bossfights
    2 - Hardcore Casual Gamer - Sci-Fried and MC Lars
    3 - Never Fall - Sci-Fried and Kirby Krackle
    4 - Cannibal - Sci-Fried and Marc with A C
    5 - New Challenger - Sci-Fried and Inverse Phase (Intro) and Madhatter and King Pheenix
    6 - Get Me Outta Retail - Sci-Fried and Insane Ian
    7 - To The Top - Sci-Fried and Shinobi MC and HD Ninja
    8 - Software Pirate - Sci-Fried and Captain Dan and The Scurvy Crew
    9 - A Good Day To Die - Sci-Fried and Warp 11
    10 - Wanna Be Your Jedi - Sci-Fried and Mikey Mason
    11 - Geeks Rule The World - Sci-Fried and Emergency Pizza Party and Rappy McRapperson
    12 - Evil Lounge Guy (Bonus Track) - Sci-Fried

    This project came alive at Nerdapalooza 2011. Sci-Fried played with so many great artists that we felt it could be fun for Sci-Fried to do some songs with other artists.  What was going to be 4 tracks turned into 11 collaboration tracks.  It's been a lot of work for all involved but we really like what we have done.

     Release Information for Co-Op Mode

    Co-Op Mode will be released August 1, 2012.  We just got the master off to be duplicated so we will not be able to do any pre-sales. What we will do is post the order links for the CD and various Packages on August 1, 2012.  We will also post it on our BandCamp page on August 1, 2012 for Digital Download.  It will be on iTunes but they can never seem to get it on time so we have you covered!  All orders placed over the weekend of the release will be mailed out on Tuesday August 7, 2012. (After Nerdapalooza)

    Co-Op Mode Album Cover Art :




    July 23, 2012

    Thanks to all the great fans that voted Sci-Fried BEST METAL BAND in Orlando Weekly's "Best of 2012" Issue. 

    Sci-Fried will be playing at Nerdapalooza on Saturday August 4th.  Please get your tickets before they sell out! 

    Sci-Fried is also playing at GenCon Indy! Please if your going to the show get your tickets here! Thanks for supporting Sci-Fried!

    You can find previews of Co-Op mode Here:
    From Wired Magazines Geekdad

     Also hear Exclusive Preview3s of Co-Op Mode on Slack and The Man Podcast

    Click the Co-Op Mode Cover for a Preview of a new song from Co-Op Mode.  This is the full  version of Never Fall by Sci-Fried with Kirby Krackle. A song inspired by The Avengers!


    Check out Sci-Fried's Newest Music Video for Looking Back At Today from our album Future Tense. Our First Animated Video!

    Also Check out Sci-Fried's all Puppet Music Video for Tech Support from our album Future Tense


    June 13, 2012

    Sci-Fried released a new Animated Music Video! Looking Back at Today from our album Future Tense.  Follow the adventures of Buddah and Sci-Fried and they travel through time and see what could and should have been.  Buddah is the female from the cover of Future Tense.  This is also our first animated music video!  Thanks to for all her great work on this music video.





    June 4, 2012

    Sci-Fried will be playing at Nerdapalooza in Orlando Florida again this year!  Big thanks to the Nerdapalooza Staff for having us at this awesome event!  We will be releasing our new album Co-Op Mode there too.  Its August 3, 4 and 5th so be sure to get your tickets soon!  Sci-Fried's Set will be around 1-2pm on Saturday Afternoon.

    Sci-Fried will be releasing a new music video next week!  Looking Back At Today will be Sci-Fried's first fully animated music video.  We look to have more animated videos in the future so let us know how much you like it. 


    May 06, 2012

    Fixed the link for the Triforce Mike Tribute Song.

    Chuck's Klingon Wedding was awesome!  We have lots of video footage that we will be using for a Music Video for our new song on Co-Op Mode Called "A Good Day to Die" Sci-Fried and Warp 11 on this track!  With footage from the Klingon Wedding!  Look for it this summer 2012!


    May 01, 2012

    Just posted a promo version of Never Fall  (Avengers inspired) by Sci-Fried and Kirby Krackle on YouTube.  This is the FULL song as it will be on the album.  Enjoy the preview.

    NEW FREE SONG - Triforce Mike Tribute Song. Sci-Fried did a special version of Serenity Lost. This version is a full band arrangement. It also has some alternate lyrics specific to Triforce Mike... And all our lost friends.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


    April 10, 2012

    Thanks to Connections Magazine in Orlando Florida for the great review of our album Future Tense.


    March 10, 2012

    Thanks to all the fans that came out and supported Sci-Fried at the Hard Rock Live. Sci-Fried did not win, but we did show them the power of Geek Rock. Sci-Fried had the largest crowd and we thank all of you for joining us.  Please email any pictures or videos you took to

    Our Tech Support Music Video is now on-line and ready for viewing!  Please share it with everyone! This is our first video starring all puppet versions of the band.  After doing Star Wars Christmas and having the puppets for the intro we always wanted to do an entire music video with only puppet actors.  We are all fans of The Muppets and this video was a lot of fun to make.  We took over Sci-Fried Command and turned it into a puppet stage and shot the entire thing in 3 days on 2 different sets.  We hope you all enjoy it.

    We have close our Official eBay store. Now signed CD's and other merchandise can come right from a link to our PayPal account.  You do not need a PayPal account to purchase store items. We also have our songs on BandCamp for Digital Download, and Digital Downloads and Exclusive Merchandise on our Reverb Nation Store.



    February 24, 2012

    Thanks for all your support in the Hard Rock Rising 2012 Battle of the Bands contest!  Sci-Fried will be playing a FREE show at the Hard Rock LIVE in Orlando on March 6th @ 8pm.  We go on first promptly at 8pm. Can't wait to see you all there! Wear your geek gear and make a statement! Please no costumes as it is at Universal Studios and they may not let you in to the show. 

    We had some delays editing our new music video for Tech Support. We should have it posted soon.  The video is in final stage of editing.  This will be Sci-Fried's first music video with all puppets!

    Chuck Silver, guitar player for Sci-Fried, will be getting married this May!  Video from the full on Klingon Wedding will be posted after the event.

    Read the feature on Sci-Fried in Music Now Magazine. 

    Here is where you can find it in print and on-line.

    Available for purchase or read digitally at:

    Available for direct purchase through Amazon

    Alternate purchase through MagCloud include Digital Download


    Sci-Fried named #2 album of 2011!  It's a great honor to be mentioned with Weird A,They Might Be Giants and all the other great artists.  Thanks to Fandomania!   Check out there site!


    R.I.P. to our friend Triforce Mike. His Memory lives on at

    Had a great time at Megacon. Sci-Fried did not play there, but we are working on a show for next year at Megacon in the evening! Here was the ad we ran in the Megacon On-Site Program Booklet.

    November 23, 2011

    Just posted two new photo galleries.  Vulcan Events: Away Mission Orlando and UNO's Pizza Spooky Empire Party.  Check them out in the photo gallery!

    Don't forget to spread the Star Wars Christmas Music Video around to your friends during the holidays!

    Also check out Marc With A C on Nerdy Show! His show The Real Congregation is now part of our friends at Nerdy Show.  Check it out now!

    Stay tuned for the full press release information on our upcoming collaboration album titled:             Co-Op Mode

    Sci-Fried was named "Best Metal Band" by The Orlando Weekly in 2011!  We consider ourselves a "Geek Rock" band, and this is a great honor!

    Sci-Fried had a great time at The Away Mission Orlando with Sir Patrick Stewart!


    November 1, 2011

    Eternian Genius and Slime Creatures From Outer Space have been posted to the FREE music Section.  These two songs will also be on our 4GB Sci-Fried USB Drive.  Look for it in our Store and at our merchandise table at live shows.

    We are hard at work on Co-Op Mode now, and will have a full press release once we confirm all the artists and get the recording process finalized.  Look for all the info on it and the album art in early December 2011.  There will be over 12 songs on this new CD.  Some of your Nerdcore and Geek Rock top artists.  Stay Tuned!

    Thanks to everyone that came out to the Away Mission Orlando Convention.  I'll be posting the links to the pictures in the next few days. 


    September 25, 2011

    Sci-Fried releases a new parody song called:  Eternian Genius! It's a Parody of Bad Religion's American Jesus and its all about Skeletor!

    We are also releasing  a cover of Weird Al's Slime Creatures From Outer Space.  We missed the Weird Al Tribute CD but here is a FREE treat.

    Look for these songs in the FREE music section on our Music page in a few days.  We're going to premiere them on some podcasts and on Marc with a C's show The Real Congregation on WPRK 91.5 here in Orlando Florida. 

    More info on Sci-Fried's Upcoming CD Co-Op Mode coming soon.  We almost have all the artists we are going to do collaboration songs with. Full release info coming soon.


    August 30, 2011

    Sci-Fried is currently working on a new album called CO-OP Mode.  Sci-Fried will be doing tracks with some of your favorite Geek Rock/Nerdcore artists.  The title track CO-OP Mode will be with The Bossfights!  Full details on CO-OP Mode will be released in a few weeks.  Stay Tuned!

    Creations Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas was great! Sci-Fried won the Star Trek Music Video contest again for 2011.  That makes 5 years in a row!  Thanks Creation!

    Chuck and Sunni will be at Dragoncon in Atlanta GA!  So if you can find us come have a beer! When we get back we'll be getting to work on    CO-OP Mode!  Stay Tuned for more info and release date!


    July 28, 2011

    Chosen One The Music Video is now out!  Click on the graphic to watch it now!  Be sure to share it on your Twitter and Facebook




    July 22, 2011

    3 New Photo Gallery's added! Nerdapalooza 2011, Wills Pub 2011 and pictures from our trip to the Syfy channel from May 2010. 


    July 21, 2011

    New song added to the FREE downloads.  Sci-Fried live at Nerdapalooza 2010 with Evil Dead Guy.

    Chosen One: The Music Video is almost done! Look for it around July 31! 


    Nerdapalooza 2011 Report:

    Well it was a great time at Nerdapalooza 2011!  We had a great set on Saturday afternoon.  We combined with Marc with a C to play for almost an hour.  We called it the Power Hour :) We joined Marc for 2 of his songs, Mother Fuckers Be Bullshitin' and Nerdy Girls.  Then he joined us to do Foiled Again.  We then finished off the night with Marc singing on our cover of Weezer's Hash Pipe.   We finished off the set with a Sci-Fried version of Mc Chris's Fett's Vette to a sea of moshing nerds. It was a beautiful site to see.   We had a great time meeting all the other artists and meeting all the fans.  Sci-Fried helped out on the second stage with sound gear and all ran real smooth.  Thanks to all the great volunteers who helped out at Nerdapalooza!  Special shout out to The Bossfights!  What a great set they had!  Be sure to check out their new self titled album The Bossfights, along with Marc with a C's new album Motherfuckers be Bullshittin'. A special shout out to GeekDad Zed and friends for making the drive down.  Please email Hex at Nerdapalooza and tell him how much fun you had seeing Sci-Fried, Marc with a  C and The Bossfights so were sure to be back next year!  There were 4 Nerdapalooza tattoos done on site this year too.  Hex, Aaron, Nina and Josh all represent Nerdapalooza for life now.  The Protomen put on 2 awesome sets as well!  Really filled the house both nights.  For Shafer The Darklord the room was so packed you made friends fast!. lol Insane Ian and Lukeski both had awesome sets!  I love Grease Wars!  We also enjoyed watching The One Ups.  They really put it down Friday and Saturday.  You would think everyone was dead tired by the time I Fight Dragons came on but they rocked the night and left everyone wanting more.  To the point where drums were being set up at the pool deck and a after concert almost happened out there.  Well again thanks to everyone we partied with!    Friends from Georgia and beyond see you next year!

    We shot some interviews and lots of behind the scenes stuff.  Look for it on Sci-Fried's upcoming DVD. 

     We have some projects in the works with The Bossfights, Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew and some other Geek Rock/Nerdcore artists.     Look for more info on that coming soon. 

    The After Part at A Comic Shop Hosted by Chozo Report:

    The Day After Party at A Comic Shop was awesome!  Yes there was room for more beer!   It was an awesome show, I hope they will do another one next year.   Thanks to YTCracker and Mega-Ran for sticking around 1 more day to perform at A Comic Shop. 


    July 15, 2011


    Sci-Fried was named Best Metal Band in Orlando by The Orlando Weekly.  Thanks to all who voted!











    June 10, 2011


    Download Chose One the Game HERE!


    Chosen One: The Video Game is not out!   Download it FREE today!


    June 30, 2011

    Check out a review of Chosen One the Game at

    Listen to Foiled Again on the Radio K.A.L. Podcast from the fine folks at the Superman Homepage!


    May 25, 2011

    We added a new date to the tour calendar!  Saturday July 9th 2011 at The Social in Orlando.  This will be a special show!  We will be going on FIRST and we will have a special line up that night for Sci-Fried.  So be sure not to miss this one!

    Just added the Future Tense T-Shirts to the Sci-Fried store.   Get yours now while they last! S-3X

    Thanks to everyone who came out to Mojo's!  Sorry we went on so late, the show did not start on time.  It was beyond our control.  Thanks for coming out!


    May 16, 2011

    We have a change of venue for our show on Saturday May 21st 2011.  The new venue will be at Mojo's  1853 E, Memorial Blvd, Lakeland Florida.  The Show starts at 9pm. Sci-Fried will go on around 10:30 but come check out all the fun by 9. 

    Chosen One the Video Game is done.  We are doing some play testing for bugs, and working on a music video for Chosen One as well.  We are looking to release the Chosen One Game and Video at the same time.  We'll keep you posted on the release date for Chosen One the Game and Music Video.



    April 29, 2011

    Check out 2 new live videos from Sci-Fried.  We posted "Serenity Lost" and "Warping Into The Sun" from our live unplugged show at Vulcan Events in Tampa Florida back in February 2011. 

    Sci-Fried is working on Chosen One The Video Game!  It will be a small RPG made with RPG MAKER 2000.  We will be giving it out free on this web site as soon as it is done.   We are also going to have a music video for Chosen One as well!


    April 26, 2011

    Sci-Fried is working on Chosen One The Video Game!  It will be a small RPG made with RPG MAKER 2000.  We will be giving it out free on this web site as soon as it is done.   We are also going to have a music video for Chosen One as well!

    Thanks to all our friends at WPRK 91.5 FM in Winter Park Florida for all their support!  Tune in at WPRKDJ.ORG and listen on-line.

    The Real Congregation with Marc with a C -  Tuesday Mornings 3-6am

    Freaking Geek Show  -  Monday Mornings 1-3am

    The Curtis Earth Show - Tuesdays 2-4pm

    Talk Nerdy to Me - Wednesday 9-11pm


    April 22, 2011

    Watch Sci-Fried Friday April 22, 2011 LIVE at Will's Pub in Orlando.  Special guests Marc with a C and Fine Lady Mustache.  The show starts at 10 with Sci-Fried going on around 12,   Get your Future Tense CD and T-shirt at the show!  $9 for ages 18-20 and $7 for 21 and up. Please come out and support Sci-Fried!

    Look for the Chosen One...The Game!  Yes a fully playable RPG game will be FREE to download from our website!  It will follow the story of the Chosen One song and a music video will follow the release of the game.  Chosen One The Game will include MIDI versions of Sci-Fried songs.  So adventure on with Sci-Fried MIDI playing in the background. 

    Sci-Fried has been doing some podcast and radio interviews to promote our new album Future Tense, follow the links below to check out some of the shows we were on since the release of Future Tense. - NOTE some files are very large!

    Download and listen by clicking this link! - The Real Congregation on WPRK 91.5 Orlando with Marc with a C - March 22, 2011.

    WJRR 101.1 FM Native Noise Sunday April 10, 2011 - Check out Sci-Fried on FM in Orlando Florida.

    Seattle Geekly Podcast April 14th 2011 - An interview with Sci-Fried and talk about Future Tense and Geek Rock. - Hour 2 with SBK Live on Real Radio 104.1 Orlando.  April 21, 2011.  Listen or download the entire show with this link.  - The Curtis Earth Show on WPRK 91.5 Orlando. Tuesday April 19, 2011. - Sci-Fried interview. - Geek World Order review of Future Tense. - A Fan review of our new CD Future Tense.

    A Slice of Sci-Fi on Sirius/XM Radio - An interview with Sci-Fried (go to the link and you can stream or download the episode)

    Thanks to our friends at the Seminole Chronicle for a great printed article about Sci-Fried. 


    March 29, 2011

    Check out this interview with Sci-Fried:

    Here is a review from our friends at Hipster Please and Geek Dad:


    Sci-Fried is now shipping out Future Tense CDs. Get yours from our store now!  Future Tense will be up on iTunes soon.  We are working with CDBaby to get it on iTunes and most other music download sites in the next few weeks. 

    All pre-orders have been shipped out.  We had to ship the posters separately thought, but they are going out tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered.  If you did not pre-order and you still have not checked out Future Tense yet, all the lyrics and song samples are up for Future Tense in the music section.   


    February 03, 2011

    Sci-Fried announces the Future Tense CD Release Party at A Comic Shop in Orlando Fl. Located at 114 S Semoran Blvd # 6, Winter Park, FL 32792. Friday March 25, 2011 (at the corner of 436/Semoran Blvd and University Blvd) just a short drive over from Megacon.

    Directions to A Comic Shop from Megacon - I-4 East to 408 East. Take 436/Semoran Blvd Exit and go North on 436/Semoran, A Comic Shop is on your left at the intersection of 436/Semoran and University Blvd.  Stop by the A Comic Shop Booth at Megacon for flyers with directions and a map on them. Or use your Star Trek based technology that is in your cell phone or car's GPS and have your navigator set a course for A Comic Shop!


    The Friday of Megacon 2011 from 7-pm to 12am! Admission is FREE and FREE pizza and beer (for those 21 and up, bring ID), while supplies last. 

    Special guest performances by Sci-Fried, Marc with a C, Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, Krondor Krew, Benjamin Bear, MagiTek and Rappy Mcrapperson with MC Wreckshin. 

    Special podcasts at the party will be Nerdy Show, Slacker and the Man and Prime Time Geek

    So join us Friday after Megacon for a night of great music hosted by Dr. Vern. He will be playing tracks from all your favorite geek music artists, including all the tracks on Future Tense.  Sci-Fried will perform a few songs from Future Tense LIVE as well, so be the first to grab your copy!  Lots of great specials at A Comic Shop during the party!  For the release night Sci-Fried will be selling Future Tense for $5 at the party. This will only be available during the party March 25th at A Comic Shop.   We're even going to throw in one of our new stickers (while supplies last).    Music available from the performers too, so come out and show your support for your local artists!

    January 20, 2011

    Check out our latest music video.  45047.2 aka Darmok. From our Geeks Unite CD.


    OFFICIAL release date for our new album "Future Tense" will be Friday March 25th, 2011.  Stay tuned for information on our CD release party Friday March 25, 2011.  It's the Friday of Megacon Orlando, so enjoy the con during the day and then join Sci-Fried and Friends for an evening of Geek Rock and Nerdcore music!

    January 14, 2011

    Thanks to everyone that came out to the show at Churchill's in Miami. 

    Thanks for all the votes for the Soft Kitty contest from CBS and the Big Bang Theory! Check back on January 20 to see the top 10 videos.

    Check out the Hard Rock Battle of the Bands contest!  Sci-Fried needs your votes!

    Thanks to for voting Sci-Fried break out artist of 2010!

    January 5, 2011

    Happy new year from Sci-Fried!  We're still hard at work on our new album Future Tense. Release date to be announced soon

    Check out our Big Bang Theory Contest video! Please go to the link above and vote for our Soft Kitty, Hard Kitty video!

    Also, go to and vote for Sci-Fried for breakout artist of the year contest!

    Thanks to everyone for making our Christmas song a real hit over the holidays! 

    Star Wars Christmas will be a holiday classic for years to come!

    December 15, 2010

    Check out Star Wars Christmas on  Galaxy of Music Christmas Ed. - Link to Galaxy of Music with Sci-Fried

    Star Wars Christmas!  An original Sci-Fried Christmas song!  We join with Marc with a C and offer a FREE .mp3 download of Star Wars Christmas! Check out the video gallery to watch the epic music video for Star Wars Christmas!

    Check out the news section for links to two great articles from Orlando's Michael Melchor. 




    December 14, 2011

    Here are some more reviews/articles about Sci-Fried's Star Wars Christmas or sites that have posted a special page about it.

    December 11, 2010

    Check out Michael Melchor's articles about Sci-Fried's upcoming album Future Tense, and Sci-Fried's FREE Christmas song                         Star Wars Christmas.  - Future Tense Preview - Star Wars Christmas

    Don't forget to check out Sci-Fried on The Fump!

    December 7, 2010

    Happy Holidays everyone!  Download a special Christmas treat from Sci-Fried! 

    Star Wars Christmas!  An original Sci-Fried Christmas song!  We join with Marc with a C and offer a FREE .mp3 download of Star Wars Christmas! Look for the Music video for Star Wars Christmas to be on-line in the next few days.

    A photo gallery for the behind the scenes pictures from the Star Wars Christmas video shoot will be online soon. Check the photo gallery over the next 2 weeks.








    October 25, 2010

    We just finished up with the last show on Tour 2010: The Year We Make Con-Tact.  Everyone in the band had a great time at all the shows.  We met lots of great fans and were exposed to some great Geek/Nerd music.  We took lots of video from all our stops on the tour and will be compiling them into a DVD for next summer.  The DVD will contain all our music videos, behind the scenes on the tour, live songs from the tour, part of our acoustic set from Klingon Feast, the massive show at Nerdapalooza and much more!  Look for that summer 2011!

    Look for pictures from our show at Necro in Tampa to be posted soon.  

    We are still hard at work finishing up our new album "Future Tense"  We have a few singles coming out soon to a local podcast near you.  Look to the Slacker and the Man show for and exclusive pre-view of two of our new songs from Future Tense.  "Evil Dead Guy", a song about Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead movies.  Then "Foiled Again" is a song about the Super Friends with special vocal guest Marc With a C.  Mark also played a mean wood block on this song, which was actually recorded while he tapped on a wood stool leg here at Sci-Fried Command.

    So head over to and check them out!  

    Were still at work on a music video for 45047.2 from Geeks Unite.  Look for it in the next few weeks!  Its a great Star Trek video!

    September 20, 2010

    Join us this weekend at Klingon Feast in Daytona Beach!  Look for a great show Saturday night. 

    Oddcon show canceled.   Look for them to set a new date for 2011. officially taken off-line.  We had a great time doing all the Chuckcon songs and videos and we will still bring you great videos from Sci-Fried all created by the Chuckcon crew... So look for a music video for 45047.2 from Geeks Unite in the next month or two.

    August 26, 2010

    New music video from Sci-Fried! 501st 
    Go watch our NEW Music Video for our original Star Wars song called "Rebel Cry" shot entirely on location at Star Wars Celebration V!
  • August 17, 2010

    We had a great time in Las Vegas at Creation Entertainments Official Star Trek Convention!  Meet lots of great people

    and had lots of fun at the two weddings we attended!  The happy couples were: Kim and Kyle Roddenberry and Michael and Lidia Jones.

     Sci-Fried wishes you both the best!  Sci-Fried also won the Star Trek music video contest (3 years in a row now) with our parody video called

    White Targ a parody of White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane.  Next year we have a special entry which will be from Geeks Unite. 

    A big thanks to all the great folks at and the TrekSpace groups and other that meet up for a huge party at the Space Quest bar.

    Can't wait to do it again next year!

    Star Wars Celebration V was a huge success for Sci-Fried!  We had a great crowd at the 501st Imperial Bash on Friday night.  We also shot

    a music video for our original song "Rebel Cry" on location at Celebration V.  Big thanks to the Belgian 501st group that had all the great sets

    at C5.  Look for a new picture gallery coming in the next week from C5.  The 501st was filming the party and their great room they had at

    the convention so look for that DVD in the near future.

     Lots to catch up on after 2 huge cons in a row so keep looking here for all your Sci-Fried news!

  • July 28, 2010

    This is the wrap up article from with great reviews of us: Read the Article

    Review by consequence of sound (Very small blurb about us): Read the Article

    Hipster Please on Thursday July 22nd we got two achievements (this one is GREAT): Read the Article

    Another small blurb in wired magazine/geekdad's review: Read the Article

    An upcoming review in Sept. 4th issue of Stiff Magazine: Read the Article

    And of course, many thanks and kudos at Read the Article

  • July 23, 2010

    Sci-Fried played Nerdapalooza Saturday, July 17th. We had a great time laying down the hits with playas like MC Front-a-Lot, The Great Lukeski, Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, Marc with a C, and too many more to name. item We even got a shout out from We look forward to next year's BIGGER and BETTER Nerdapalooza!

    Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice... "White Targ" has been entered in Creation Entertainment's Offical Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2010 video contest. "White Targ" is a "retro" video from the early days of the band. KheTara handles lead vocal.

    Speaking of videos, in the can is the next offering from Sci-Fried: "45047.2"... Stay tune for details.

    We're also hard at work on our third album. STAY TUNED!!!

  • May 25, 2010

    Sci-Fried was quoted in the Channel Guide Magazine in an interview with Thomas Vitale from the Syfy Channel. Sci-Fried's Saturday Night on Syfy song was mentioned.

    Check out the link below:

    May 24. 2010

    Join us at Florida Battle Con this weekend! Come cheer Sci-Fried as we take the stage Saturday in the Battle of the Bands.

    May 9, 2010

    We made some small changes to some of the pages on the web site. Please check to make sure any links you have to out site are still working. Most pages had a name change and graphics updated. We are always working to make the site better and updated weekly.


    Thanks to Vulcan Events for a great convention in Tampa! We met lots of great fans and had a rockin' show. Check out the pictures from the Vulcan Events in the Gallery. We hope they will have Sci-Fried at future events.

    Sci-Fried is hard at work on songs for our new original album, due to be out January of 2011. Monty Python, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Super Friends are some of the themes we are working on for our next album. We will also have Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate. We are very excited about our next album!

    Sci-Fried entered PX-75309 in the Creation Entertainment's Stargate convention in Vancover Canada, and won first place! Thanks to all the folks over at Creation Entertainment for putting on great conventions. If you have not seen our Stargate music video yet check the videos section.

    Don't forget to join us Saturday May 29th at Florida Battle Con for the Battle of the Bands. Come support Sci-Fried and help them rock on to first place!

    Added a new set to the picture gallery. Check out the behind the scenes pictures from the PX-75309 music video shoot.

    Also added the pictures from the Vulcan Events weekend in Tampa. Check them out in the Gallery!

    April 28, 2010


    Don't forget to join Sci-Fried this weekend April 30th - May 2nd in Tampa for the Vulcan Events. Sci-Fried's show will be on Saturday night May 1st at 8pm.

    Just finished the Slacker and the Man Theme song! The Slacker and the Man Theme is a Sci-Fried original song. Listen to it on the slacker and the Man podcast available at

    Check out KSV's Old Spice video that he did with the Slacker and The Man Crew. Watch it on YouTube at:

  • April 15, 2010

    Another NEW parody added to the FREE MUSIC section.


    House of the Rising Cylon - Parody of "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. We did this song for our friend summer over at Babylon Podcast and Slice of Sci-fi radio show. When we appeared as guests on her podcast, she asked if we could finish it and possibly record a version of it. POOF here you go! We tried to keep with the 60's feel of the original song.

    Also, check out the newest Galaxy of Music from The Force Cast where they play "Da Falcon". You can find The Force Cast podcast on iTunes.

    Don't forget the Vulcan Events show coming up in a few weeks! We have a special set planed for our show so be sure to attend. Look for us there Friday night to kick the con off in style!

  • April 4, 2010

    New music added to the FREE MUSIC section!


    Dr. Jones - Parody of "Calling Dr. Love" by KISS. All about our favorite adventurer Indiana Jones!

    Da Falcon - Inspired by "My Hooptie" by Sir Mix Alot. This song tells the tale of the legendary ship The Millennium Falcon! Its sounds quite different than the original Sir Mix Alot version. We put a nice Sci-Fried twist on it.

    So please download these songs and tell your friends to check them out as well!

    Added a new show to the tour! Tampa OddCon October 8-10, 2010. The Tampa OddCon is a three day Grown-up, let-it-all-hang geekstravaganza dedicated to celebrating all things in glorious geekdom! Comics, Games of all kinds, Anime and other Animation, Fantasy and Sci-Fi and so much more! This is a mature atmosphere for the immature to enjoy panels, costume contests, guest speakers and other alternative activities will keep you coming back for more! Spend a weekend with YOUR kind, OUR kind.

  • March 21, 2010

    The new Sci-Fried gear has been added to the Sci-Fried store. Get the official 2010 tour t-shirt, lanyards, and bandannas! Click on the Sci-Fried store button on any page to get your Sci-Fried gear!

  • March 16, 2010

    Thanks to all who attended the show at the Megacon WPE pre-party. Sorry to anyone who was unable to see us there.


    Join us at Vulcan Events Friday April 30 through Sunday May 2nd. Sci-Fried is playing on Saturday May 1st.

    We have new tour t-shirts, bandannas and lanyards! Please check out the Sci-Fried store. You can also get Sci-Fried gear at any of the shows we play.

    Check out our photos from the Megacon 2010 live show in the gallery. 


    March 1, 2010

    Check out Prime Time Geek Episode #96 featuring Sci-Fried doing some acoustic songs and chatting in studio with Felix and Slacker and the Man.


    We have video from the entire show and I'll post up a few clips soon. Listen to the episode by clicking on the link below.

    Sci-Fried can now be found on iTunes! Get Geeks Unite and Ramming Speed on iTunes now.


    February 26, 2010

    Just added a link to our new music video PX-75309. PX-75309 is a Stargate SG-1 parody from our album Ramming Speed.

    Check out Sci-Fried on the Geek pop fest on-line from London at

    Check out Sci-Fried on Rocket Propelled Radio at

    Also check out Sci-Fried on Get Ur Geek On Radio at

    Updated the electronic press kit for 2010 tour.

    February 14, 2010

    A little note of history; Sci-Fried was started on this day in 2007.


    Just added new shows to tour list - Vulcan Events in Tampa Florida Saturday May 1st. Christopher Lloyd is headlining their guest list!

    Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida at the 501st Mixer on Friday August 13th.

    BattleCon - Battle of the Bands - dates to be announced soon.

    Our new music video for PX-75309 will be showing at Megacon. Stop by our booth to watch it or check it out online starting on March 12th when Megacon kicks off. You can also check it out in the video section here.

    January 19, 2010

    Just added the Babylon podcast to the free section.

    January 6, 2010

    Welcome to Sci-Fried's new web page! We replaced the flash site with this HTML version. Pages should load faster and you can pull up the entire site on your mobile device with ease. Look for more pictures and videos with the new site, including weekly updates, a quick link to Dr. Vern's blog and more! We are also starting our free downloads section. Look under music for all the selections.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on January 2nd! We had a great time! Photo gallery coming soon with pix from the January 2nd, 2010 show. We hope to see you all at out next show at the Wolfpack Elite Megacon Afterparty on Saturday March 13th.

    We are working on 2 new music videos and we are also recording new songs for our next CD. Look for them at our Megacon table!