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Chosen One Game Manual

Sci-Fried Presents, Chosen One: The Video Game
Chosen One: The Video Game is an RPG created by Mike "KSV" Jensen using the RPG maker 2000 software.
It is based on the song Chosen One from Sci-Fried's 2011 album Future Tense.

To Play:
Chosen One is designed for Windows and we do not have a mac specific version.

Right click on the link, and choose "save as.." to download. Open folder using Winzip, or whatever zip file extractor you may have. We recommend you unzip to your desktop. It should create a folder called Chosen One. Look for the file RPG_RT.EXE it will be the one with the pretty icon with a sword.

NOTE: This is a old game engine and was not designed for Windows 7 and the newer Windows versions. Please only exit the game from the EXIT GAME menu. It will leave your computer in low res graphics mode if you do.

Arrow keys move the character up and down.
Z or Enter: Action, talk to people, select items
X or Esc: Call the menu, cancel

Intro: (Spoiler Alert! Game Hints Ahead!)

First and foremost, I've learned watching people testing this game that I actually have to say this. Don't skip through the dialog without reading it! Your next objective is given to you only through in-game dialog! If you're not interested in reading, this is NOT THE GAME FOR YOU! Go play CoD or Mortal Kombat!

You awaken in beautiful Nutbutter village, getting some much needed rest after repelling an ORC invasion. Unfortunately, you find yourself awakened by a fairy who forces you to save Princess Buddha. As this is very linear game, you not only have to do this, you find that you are unable to leave town until you assemble a party of 4, beginning with your best friend, Dr.Vern. Dr. Vern, however, is being detained by the ungrateful inhabitants of Nutbutter Village, and it's up to you to learn piano in order to help him. I'll go ahead and tell you, everything you need to accomplish this is located within the bar, but you HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE PEOPLE INSIDE TELL YOU!! (I guess it's fair to mention that most testers either never played RPGs or were drunk when they attempted this.) Once Dr. Vern joins your party, he'll give you some less than subtle hints that you need to visit the gravesite north of the bar. The wandering Know-it-all will also spell out that you have to go to the bottom of one of the gravestones and push the action button (z or enter)
where Don will give you the Treeblade (from the greatest unfinished movie of all time, "A Slam EviL! Christmas," parts of which can be seen at to go into your menu (x or esc) and equip this weapon to KSV. Upon leaving, you'll find Chuck, who will join your quest and tell you to head to Jim's so he may also join. He won't need much convincing. Once the party is assembled, the 4 of you must head to the northwest corner of the map to find Lord Grabbs, the minotaur. Before you fight him, however, visit the old man, hidden behind the trees in the northwest most corner of the map for a special spell all of you will then acquire. Even Jim, who never gains any magic points. Oh well.. On to Lord Grabbs. This fight will be quite different from the others
you will face. Instead of a turn based affair, you will pick one of the 4 characters and go one on one with him. Once the fight begins, DO NOT TOUCH LORD GRABBS. Instant Game Over if you do. You will find 3 chests, one containing a sword to throw, the other 2 containing a distracting sneeze demon. Once you find the right chest, another 3 will appear, with the same rules. Three swords will finish him off, but watch out for zombies! Once you are triumphant, you can finally leave. But first, why not visit Skully's Item Shop for some Phoenix downs or Stat Boosting Apples. Don't bother with potions, however. You'll get plenty of those in combat. Immediately after leaving town, you find yourself in a mountainous pathway. I warn you. Do not talk to the 3 people at the end without saving first. Marc with a C can do that for you. You may want to grind a bit till you're all Level 4 first, because a boss fight ensues. If you are Level 4, Chuck will learn Ice, which will help a lot. Once the boss is defeated, nothing stands between you and the Cave of Hot, Nasty Death, south of the village. From here you should be able to figure out the rest. Good luck, Buddha and the world are depending on you, Chosen one!


:During the game's intro, you control Buddha briefly. Check her inventory.

:In the cave of Hot Nasty Death, Vern will encounter the lovely Angel. Here a conversation will ensue, in which you will receive the ultimate Heal spell if you can properly mimic the "Flower Girl" conversation from Final Fantasy 7 If you never played FF7, just be sure to pick the nicest option every time you are given a choice.

:Inside the AAA, you'll find a wall littered with certificates of aviation excellence. The fourth from the right contains 2500 gold thingies.

:In the Lava stage, you will find the powerful Titanium Sword under a stalagmite. Of northernmost ones, it's under the one furthest to the right.

:If you visit Dusty to kick some puppies at the Geek World Order, you will find two rooms full of skulls. Walking over a skull in the bottom room unlocks the game's hidden character, Clutch M Rocketship!

:After defeating Doomspell in the temple, remove Nash's equipment. Do the same for Marc, Don and Dave before talking to KSV.

:After all 3 relics are obtained, the battle with Nash is possible. Face him by first defeating Skully, Khetara, and Mo at Hex's Battle Arena. He will be your 4th opponent. Defeating him will earn you a Ship Repair, so you will not need to pay Aubrey the 10000 Gold Thingies.


Many of you playing this game will actually be in it somewhere. Do not read too much into your role in the game. If you have a small part, I don't think you're unimportant. If you die, it doesn't mean I hate you. If you die easily, it doesn't mean I think you're a wuss. It's a game. If I made it accurate, it would be boring.